Making photobooks is like writing stories, albeit without being verbose.

While I admit that this isn’t my first time to put “number one” in a title, I am very enthused to start anew again. It’s not because I have abruptly stopped my previous series; they are still ongoing. This time, though, I aim to continue telling them and other different tales altogether.

ANATOMIES is how I envision this mishmash of narratives. All these visuals, old and new alike, may or may not go on until the next volumes. But for as long as I can create pictures and weave stories, this saga has an unending fate.

Each copy is unlike the others, for all editions are adorned with a tactile memorabilia—in the form of a 35mm film frame that is completely unique to every kind soul who collects my humble books.

From °1’s preface, I wrote:

“With each page that you skim through and with every story that you see (right) through, I blithely unfurl my anatomical parts with you.”

ANATOMIES°1 by Erin Cross

Published in October 2021. Printed in Japan. Edition of 50. Numbered and signed. Black and white. Paperback: matte finish dust jacket cover with matte inside pages. A5 size. 144 pages. Perfect binding.

Note: Orders will be shipped on the first-second week of November.

ANATOMIES°2 will be out in January 2022.